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  2. moontidemassage:

    Okay, maybe that title is misleading. These are the questions you might ask if you knew who to ask, or how.

    Why does the therapist ask for my medical history?

    While massage therapy is generally safe and helpful, a few conditions are complete contraindications for receiving massage. Others…

    This is really cool stuff for my possible future career:)

  3. The Last Bison

    If you like Mumford and Sons, they don’t even compare to the unique sound of this mountaintop chamber sound of this band. To this day, I remember the first time I saw them and it has been a wonderful journey to follow them on and how successful they’re becoming.

    It was March 2010 and it was at a church in Virginia Beach right by Town Center and Princess Anne High School, for a Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert for Japan. When I saw these strangely dressed people I heard a rumor going around that night where people thought they were Amish. They didn’t have the greatest impression at first for me, dressing differently, having some very unique and diverse instruments that aren’t normally in today’s bands, and many problems with their soundcheck leaving the highlight of the band being pulled back an hour.  

    So at first, I was just curious to see what kind of music this would be. I had no expectations, and I was very skeptical to be honest.

    They started their three-song set-list and began their part of the show with Switzerland, one of their most popular songs today. From the very first simultaneous notes of the xylophone, banjo, violin, cello, box-organ, acoustic guitar and bass drum, I was dumbfounded. Never have I heard such blissful, chime-like, heavenly sound before. My ears were forever changed.

    They keep playing, adding harmonies, dissonance, and melodic, rhythmic, genius chords, changing from happy to sorrowful and feeling the cries of Teresa’s gorgeous violin.

    In the middle of listening to Ben, the lead vocalist, singing “…we thank God for it anyway…” realizing that they included faith into their music proved that they were just angels from God. It was the cherry on top. 

    After Switzerland, they take a different approach to settle the crowd down with Woodcutter’s Son. Listening to the mourning and the passion from the song kept me swaying side to side floating in musical paradise, almost resulting to tears. Beyond beautiful.

    Their last song they played that night, was Dark Am I, and since the sound was constantly going out and they couldn’t hear each other, they all unplugged their instruments. It was getting real. Not only was it becoming more personal being unplugged, at the end of the song they invited the crowd to chant with them just like gypsies in the middle of the streets dancing for joy. I was enticed by the joy and the raw emotion while they were playing, I had to get their album!

    After the show, one of my friends, Terrence (tumblr: theblacknerd; check him out) introduced me to the band members and it was so hard trying to act normal after my life was practically changed! After awkwardly stating how amazed I was by their sound and shaking each of their hands I learned later that night that they didn’t even have an album out yet, not even recorded. I was appalled.

    Later that night and for the next few weeks to come I started looking them up on Youtube finding house shows they did, listening to other songs they performed, wishing  that I knew them enough to perform at my house! 

    Long story short- I became their number one fan real quick. Everyone can say that they’re Bison’s #1 fan, but let’s be real here. Not sure that’s possible.

    So everyone check them out! They’re truly wonderful people to meet and I am beyond excited to see them again, whenever it will be. So get on that people!

  4. "A woman in her glory, a woman of beauty, is a woman who is not striving to become beautiful or worthy or enough. She knows in her quiet center where God dwells that he finds her beautiful, has deemed her worthy, and in him, she is enough."
    — Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge (via -dejalenae-)